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Benefits of ionized water
  Alkalin ionized water
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benefits of ionized water
  Alkalin ionized water
Alkaline Ionized Water
High pH, Hydroxyl Ions & Minerals.


Gives you lots of energy !
Washes acidic waste from the body over time.
Hydrates body 3 times more effectively than conventional water.
Nutrients are absorbed more efficiently into the body.
Foods cooked with ionized water have a better taste and their nutrients absorbed better by the ----body.
Such as flours are mixed more thoroughly and smoothly.
Ionized water boils faster / cools faster.
Promotes body regularity.
Promote overall health and healing by bringing the body into balance.

Specifically, Alkaline Water brings excellent effect on following usage

For usual drinking, as the substitution for other conventional water.
The more alkaline water we drink, the more benefits to our body. No adverse reaction (effect) of it at all. While tap water may contain harmful bacteria before it is boiled, alkaline calcium ion water is completely bacteria free and safe to drink even if it is not boiled because bacteria cannot survive in alkaline calcium ion water.

For cooking with rice.
Please keep rice soaked in alkaline water for the time being prior to boiling rice, then it results in “glutinous and tasty” boiled rice. Also such boiled rice lasts in the aforesaid improved nature for a much longer while even in hot-temperature summer season.

For coffee and tea.
If coffee and/or tea put into alkaline water, a bitter taste of coffee and an astringent taste of tea are much softened and it creates a natural taste and good flavor of coffee and tea. Also acidic condition of coffee is neutralized or alkalized.

For hangover cures after excessive drinking alcoholic liquors (a morning head).

Taking 1 or 2 cups of alkaline ionized water on empty stomach in the morning or before going to bed at night time, it is good for you to cure a morning head.

For cooking fishes.
If cooking fishes with alkaline water, it gets rid of a fish-like smell and rather enhances the flavor of cooking.

For longer lasting cut flowers or other plants vivid and fresh.
After being soaked in alkaline ion water, ornamental cut flowers in a vase for home or office last vivid and fresh much longer time. Promote plant’s growth by converting acidic soil to neutralized or Alkalized soil.

For washing vegetables and fruits.
Vegetables and fruits washed / rinsed with alkaline ion water maintain fresh longer.

For liver, pork, immature meat and crispness of vegetables.
Cooking after being soaked in alkaline water for approx 30 minutes will reduce crispness of vegetables and will make meat softer and it’s taste better.

For dried powder milk for a baby.
Feeding to a baby the mixture of dried powder milk with alkaline water is good for growth of body and formation of sturdy bones of a baby.

For healthier pet animals.
Providing body (especially blood too) with lot of Oxygen. Body fluids and blood are light alkaline.