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1. Unrivaled / Supreme Features of the Products

High Tech
All automated system integrated with an Artificial Intelligence
--MICOM circuit supported by 4 mega ram semiconductor.
Automatic digital indicator of filter life for economically timely replacement of a filter.
High tech-electrodes with Advanced Polymer Patented Technology.
Self-diagnostic system.
Endurable high-quality of diaphragm in electrolysis cell.

Hi utility
Most suitable pH strength selection range at 4 optimal levels.
Extra Calcium additive to water through Calcium port lid.
Complete warranty guarantee.
Lowest probability of unit disorder while used.
Most advanced compact design for user’s convenience.

Automatic cleaning of electrolysis cell when an unit turns on
(this automatic operation can be manually skipped over).
Easy installation of an unit next to or over sink, or wall- mounting.
Comes with everything (every accessory) easily to install an unit.
Automatic turn on/ off when water inflow to unit is on/off.

Extended unit life by self-cleaning mechanism.
Platinum-coated Titanium Electrodes having at least 20 year longevity and
--excellent / durable conductivity.


2. Diagram of Our Ionizer’s Work Process < Creation of Alkaline Calcium Ion Water >

3. Multi-functions in One

4. Major Parts of Our Water Ionizer

1-Micron Silver-impregnated Carbon Filter
Removes chlorine, lead, trihalomethanes and other volatile organic chemicals such as benzene possibly contained in municipal water (Almost all municipalities add chlorine, i.e carcinogen to the water).

Allows the beneficial minerals to pass through without filtering / catching.

Silver granules are impregnated into the activated carbon, ensuring that any bacteria/microbe does not grow on the carbon. It has multi-structural layers for high filtering efficiency. Silver acts as a bactericide.

The activated carbon also removes particulates (junk) in the water down to 1 micron,
including bacteria.

To be replaced approx every 5-8 months depending on water conditions and inflow quantity.

2-Hollow Membrane Filter
Particulates down to 0.01 micron, 10 times more filtration than the carbon filter.
This is same type filter used in kidney dialysis.

The finest (smallest micron rating) filter and will filter all bacteria and viruses from the
water. It removes virtually everything from the water except the minerals which are vital
to the ionization process.

The average life of this filter is 9-12 months. The only indication that the filter is used up is if the water is running very slowly through a water ionizer because it has become
saturated with particles.

Effectively remove bacteria, microorganisms without having to discard any of the water.

3-Filter Replacement
Filter shall be replaced timely when the filter life digital indicator shows the number “9999”. The unit is automatically to alert the most proper timing of filter replacement for
economical use of filter without any extravagance.

One touch replacement system. Anyone can replace a filter drum very simply and easily by himself.

b) MICOM Circuit
It is the central controller brain for automatic operation of the unit.

Our ionizer units have a evolutional state of artificial intelligence MICOM digital
technology to make it’s operation automatically, efficiently and precisely.

It provides with complete versatile automatic functions of;
- Preventing inflow of hot water.
- Regulating an intended pH level precisely as per user’s choice.
- Self-cleaning of electrodes and electrolytic chamber.
- Self-diagnostic mechanism.
- Transmitting on-time operation condition information to digital, lamp, sound and voice guidance/indicator.

This advanced technology ensures quality and longevity of the unit.

Most recent advances in mini computer electronics for Polymer Ion Separation.

Regulate an excess electric current possibly caused by water containing too much

Response simultaneously to any abnormal operation condition of the unit by its self-diagnosis.

c) Calcium Port
It is a calcium or other mineral input cab through which users can put mineral additives into ionized water.
1-What Is It’s Function ?
Putting mineral additives boosts the intensity of the ionized water, especially alkaline ion water and makes it possible for an user to get more minerals into generated output water.
2-What Is It’s Benefit ?
Putting Calcium or Magnesium into the port will increase ionized mineral cations in the alkaline ion water which help maintain our body more healthy and energetic.

Once minerals have been ionized, they are assimilated into our body more easily.
The more minerals are contained in the source water being to produce the ionized water, the stronger it will be.

d)Electrolytic Cell
It is the core chamber where the purified source water is ionized to produce Alkaline and Acid water separately.
Excellent and durable conductivity.

Composed of solid Titanium with a dip-treatment platinum coating.
Platinum is an excellent conductor. The electrodes are technically designed to last indefinitely.

The art MICOM technology implements the entire ionization process, increases the ion function and eliminates the inconvenience of manually cleaning the electrolytic cell as it cleans itself for 30 seconds every 10 minute use.

2-pH Range Obtainable
Alkaline strength reaches up to 11 pH, depending on source water quality.
The stronger ionized water is the better, because the stronger it is, the stronger a disease- preventative “ health component” it becomes.
However, once ionized water reaches pH 10.0, the water is of a briny or salty taste.
Not dangerous to drink at this high level, but not necessary as ionized water should ideally be consumed between pH 9.5 and 10.0

Acid strength reaches up to 2.5 pH, depending on source water quality.
High strength acid water is not so harmful, but never drink the acid water.

Our unit has 4 different pH levels (pH strength escalated up/down to a chosen level) for alkaline and acid output water respectively.

3-How Long Ionized Water Stay Ionized ?
Hydroxyl ions (the antioxidant)
Last approx 18~24 hrs
Higher pH (alkaline water)
Last approx 1~2 weeks
Smaller water molecule Cluster size
Last approx 1~3 months
4-Chemical Reaction in Electrolytic Cell