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Our Ionized Water Generator (Water Ionizer) is: ?
The medical service material generator officially approved by Korean government authority (Korea Food & Drug Administration) and belonging to a different sphere and/or level from the ordinary water purifiers, which is the
Hi-Tech apparatus separating a cathodic (alkaline water) and anodic electrolyte (acidic water) from water by electrolysis device having a particular diaphragm therein, i.e. separating cations and anions in water which are so beneficial to our body.
Ionized water is the “dynamically alive life-restoring water” which contains the major essential concentrated 4 minerals such as Ca2+, K+, Mg2+ and Na+ and improves our acidic body to a normalized body constitution.?
Keep Alkaline Ionized Water in Your Body for Your Dynamic Health and Rejuvenation !